All of the tracks on are recorded live in our recording studio using top class session players and a professional producer. The tracks are downloaded in .MP3 format to retain the best quality possible.

To download your track, click on My Downloads

There you will see a list of all the tracks you have purchased, and an easy link to download them.

(NO) RoysTracks does not have access to, or hold any of our customer’s payment information such as credit/debit cards or bank account details. All payments on RoysTracks with the exception of cheques are made through PayPal, which ensures that all payments are safe and easy.

All passwords on are encrypted, so we also do not have access to your personal passwords/credentials.

To read more about PayPal’s security, CLICK HERE.

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds on our tracks.

The only circumstance where we will provide a full refund is if someone accidentally purchases the same track in the same key twice.

Yes! On all of our products at RoysTracks, we provide a free link to lyrics; even if you don’t have the track purchased.

This link can be found just above the demos on each of our products.

These can be saved in a PDF format for printing/copying to your device.

The cost of creating a track exclusively for an individual is £200. This covers the cost of session musicians, studio time and mastering. This track is then only available to you.

Please Note:- A 50% deposit is required for the above production and remainder of payment on completion.

As an added feature you can have a track created for you at a cost of £100 but you then give us permission to release it on site for purchase by our customers.

Please Note:- FULL payment is required before production starts on this facility.

In order to be able to download tracks from you will need to create an account. This is very straightforward and only a minimal amount of information is needed. After this you will be able to download purchased tracks from within your account in the My Downloads section. Creating an account also lets you post to our forum section

Paying for your tracks is simple and easy if you have a Pay Pal account. Just click on the Pay Pal logo after agreeing to the terms and conditions of payment and you are directed to the Pay Pal site where you can log in with your details. If you DO NOT have a Pay Pal account you still have to go to the Pay Pal site but underneath where you log in on the Pay Pal page there is a facility for paying with credit card but please note that this payment still goes through Pay Pal as they are the payment facilitators for Roystracks. We do not have a standalone credit/debit card facility as it is too expensive to operate. You may also pay by Cheque or Money Transfer.

Our tracks are supplied in high quality MP3s digitally downloaded from within your account. Most people will download onto a destop or laptop computer for transfer onto their preffered device. Our tracks will play on all versions of the iPad, iPods, MP3 players, Mini Disc, CD, Solid State Players, Laptops and Tablets. If you are using any of these devices then we are sure that you will be familiar with how to transfer your downloaded MP3s onto these devices.

No: As a general rule we do not supply backing vocals on our backing tracks. This would not be cost effective either for us as the supplier and certainly not for you as the customer as we try to keep costs per backing track to a minimum. When you consider that vocal artists would have to be employed to cover the vocal ranges to cater for tracks that are in 5 different keys.

Some people are having difficulty or are unfamiliar with syncing their iPad with itunes in order to get their backing tracks onto it. There are other programes that you can use but in general itunes is the most used. Here is a link that will help hopefully and it’s for windows based users

Step 1. Log in to your account using your existing password

Step 2. Navigate to the My Account page:

Step 3. Click on the ‘My Personal Information’ option

Step 4. In that page you will be able to change your password to one of your choice.

Step 5. Click Save.