Have just completed recording my 12 tracks at Roy’s Country View Studio & I have to say that it has been an absolute pleasure. ? I have been in this business for over 30 years & have recorded in studios all over the world including some of the so called top & most expensive studio’s out there and I have to say that Roy’s studio stands out as one of the best recording experiences I’ve ever had. The sheer professionalism, skill & talent as an engineer, producer & musician that Roy delivers can usually only be found in studios charging far higher prices than he does. I can’t praise him enough, his warm & friendly approach & the dedication & heart he puts into his work is outstanding. He has that rare ability to put the artist completely at their ease & therefore get the very best from them; his charm, wit & knowledge of the industry makes the recording experience stress free & at times fun too. He works with you as an artist & respects what you yourself want to achieve with the recording whilst still managing to get more out of your performance than you thought possible. His standards are very high & yet because of his personality & skill he makes the whole thing seem almost effortless. I seriously encourage anyone who wants a top quality recording & a thoroughly rewarding & enjoyable recording experience to use Country View Studio’s”…You won’t regret it. I for one will be going back for more & I look forward to working with Roy again on more projects including some of my own original songs because I know that Roy will work with me to deliver top quality results & a great production.Thank you for everything Roy, it was a pleasure working with you.